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When using this system, you confirm that you have READ and ACCEPTED the conditions described above in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for the use of Cronos.
Cronos - School Scheduling, responsible for the Website www.cronostimetable.com, and the agreement of the present term, henceforth named USER, that will be identified before by the usercode (login) and Password, created and informed by the USER at the moment of the signing in to Website, formalizes the contract exhibited by the following terms:

The object services of the granted Terms and Conditions of Use are consisted in offering to the USER the access to a Timetables Generating System.

We reserve ourselves the right to modify, add or delete functionalities and/or layout to "Cronos - School Scheduling" for any reason, without any warning, without implying any responsibility to the USER, members, or to others.

1st CLAUSE. USER Registration, "Cronos - School Scheduling" is available only for the persons that have the legal capability to contract them. This way, it cannot be used by persons including underaged persons, or persons that have been disqualified by "Cronos - School Scheduling", temporarily or permanently.

1st Paragraph. Also, it is not allowed when one person has more than one account for the same Educational Institution. If "Cronos - School Scheduling" detects this, via automatic account checks, doubled accounts can disable all of the accounts.

2nd Paragraph. Legal persons can join by its legal representative.

3rd Paragraph. It is required to 18 years or older to use the "Cronos - School Scheduling" service. When registering for "Cronos - School Scheduling", you claim to 18 years or older and have the capacity to understand, accept and fulfill the given Commitment agreement.

4th Paragraph. It is required to provide accurate information when registering as a USER of "Cronos - School Scheduling". As part of the registration, a valid e-mail account and password will be required. The USER will be responsible for any activity made with its user-code and for keeping the password secure. We can refuse to grant a username that corresponds to the name of another user, that may be protected by a trademark proprietary rights laws, or that may be considered vulgar, offensive or inappropriate, in accordance with our own criteria.

5th Paragraph. It is forbidden the use of "Cronos - School Scheduling" for illegal or unauthorized acts. USERS from foreign counties agree to comply with any local rules relative to on-line conduct and what is considered acceptable. You are responsible for your conduct.

2nd CLAUSE. The Website offers e-mail support for any enlightenment of operational questions.

1st Paragraph. "Cronos - School Scheduling" and everything to which it refers, such as: Website, Pages, Images, Copyright etc., are the exclusive property of the Cronos Development Team.

3rd CLAUSE. Any internet communications are liable to interruptions and technical problems, that can interrupt or prevent access to "Cronos - School Scheduling", so, the USER is aware an accepts this possibility, and, if this happens, the USER shall have no right to any compensation due to the time that the website was down.

4th CLAUSE. It is the responsibility of the USER to provide and keep equipment and programs demanded compatible with "Cronos - School Scheduling", as well as an internet connection, to provide access to the Website, in order to use the "Cronos - School Scheduling" tool.

5th CLAUSE. "Cronos - School Scheduling" refuses to accept any liability for misuse in the system/Website, as well as wrong information inserted in the system/Website by the USER.

6th CLAUSE. "Cronos - School Scheduling" may use your name, the name of your educational institution and / or your logo in all types of existing advertisements (or that may exist), inside the Website or the e-mails, without creating any rights or compensation to the USER.

7th CLAUSE. "Cronos - School Scheduling" may use the user's e-mail for sending newsletters about Cronos System.

8th CLAUSE. This contract is valid until December 31 of the current year, that is, the year in which the payment is made. Except for specific cases formalized by commercial proposal.

9th CLAUSE. The amount paid by the USER for the service will NOT be refunded under any circumstances, except if ALL in the system-generated timetables have CONFLICTS between ALL of the teachers, and if all the data given by the user is correct (wrong or incomplete data may cause trouble while generating the timetable). The occurrence of non-viable schedules will not entitle a refund of the amount paid by the USER, since the number of constraints can prevent the generation of fully viable schedules.

10th CLAUSE. The amount paid by the USER will allow them to generate schedules for your educational institution as described on the payment page (i.e., according to the plans available), and only for the current school year. Each register can be used for a single educational institution. If "Cronos - School Scheduling" detects, through data verification, information from different institutions (teachers and classes, for example) in the same register, it may be blocked without prior notice.

11th CLAUSE. "Cronos - School Scheduling" will be able to remove timetables generated by USERS in years prior to the current year. This operation will take place without prior notice to the USER. The USER is responsible for making backups or "downloading" the timetable in formats that it can store in its local environment.


All of your collected information is treated as confidential and will be used to help make your visit to our website as productive and enjoyable as possible.

12th CLAUSE. "Cronos - School Scheduling" spontaneously collects and stores the data provided by the user, while using the System, such as the information for creating the access account.

13th CLAUSE. "Cronos - School Scheduling" can also collect and store data extracted automatically by the system, such as: IP number and source, functionalities accessed, navigation preferences, etc.

14th CLAUSE. "Cronos - School Scheduling" may also use other technologies, such as cookies, to collect user information and improve the browsing experience.

15th CLAUSE. "Cronos - School Scheduling" will be able to share the information collected with other partner companies, in order to offer the customer new tools and / or improvements in the area.

16th CLAUSE. The parts elect the judicial district of Pouso Alegre - MG, Brazil, to settle any questions arising from this contract, expressly waiving any other, however extraordinary there is.

Pouso Alegre - MG, Brazil, Jun 15, 2024.